About us

About us

Chongqing Feiteng Sculpture Co., Ltd. is a small comprehensive sculpture processing enterprise, which is based on the art, equipment and talent advantages of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, a large comprehensive art processing base in China.

The company undertakes: round sculpture, relief, rockery, murals, campus culture, including urban sculpture, landscape sculpture, home decoration, Buddha sculpture, European sculpture, Hotel sculpture, enterprise theme sculpture, handicraft sculpture, environmental art sculpture processing. The product material provides forged copper sculpture, cast copper sculpture, stainless steel sculpture, cast aluminium sculpture, sandstone sculpture, FRP sculpture, stone sculpture, GRC cement sculpture, GRE foam sponge light material sculpture, etc.

The company participated in the design and production of a large number of sculptures for schools, institutions, residential areas, squares, etc. With its rich connotation, elegant style, smooth shape, fine production and excellence. With exquisite design, excellent quality and perfect service, we can help you achieve high-quality artistic effect, so that property appreciation, city brightening, garden coloring, so that you can always experience unlimited aesthetic feeling...

From creative design, sculpture production, installation, post-maintenance and so on, we can help you achieve all-round needs. Welcome to Feiteng Sculpture Company for consultation and negotiation!


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Company: Chongqing Feiteng Sculpture Co., Ltd.


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